Information for parents and carers

As a parent or carer, if you feel your child may benefit from tuition to help them catch up, speak to their school to see what they are offering and if your child would be eligible.

The 3 routes available

Academic Mentors

Academic Mentors work alongside existing school staff to provide tuition in small groups to help pupils reach their full potential.

Tuition Partners

Schools are able to access high-quality tutoring through external approved Tuition Partners to provide 15 hour blocks of targeted support.

School-Led Tutoring

School-Led tutoring gives flexibility for schools to use internal staff, teachers, teaching assistants or Initial Teacher Trainees.

How does tutoring help my child?

Children who access tuition may make several months progress in their learning. Tuition will be closely linked to your child’s day-to-day teaching, with ongoing feedback between the tutor and your child’s classroom teacher.

What subjects are tuition available in?

Primary school pupils can access tuition in literacy, numeracy and Science. Secondary school pupils can access tuition in: English, Maths, Science, Modern Foreign Languages and Humanities.

Who organises the tuition?

Schools identify children who would most benefit from tailored support and in which subject(s). Tuition will be arranged by the school to take place either online or in person. There is no cost to parents or carers.

When and where does the tuition take place?

Tutoring sessions are usually held during the school day, with every effort to arrange the tuition to ensure minimal impact on your child’s other lessons. Tuition can also take place outside of school hours, either before or after the school day or in the holidays. Tuition may be once a week or more often, with the aim to deliver 15 hours in total.
Children will be set learning objectives and following completion of the sessions, this will be how success is measured.

Primary Science

Primary Numeracy

Primary Literacy

Secondary English

Secondary Maths

Secondary Science

Secondary Humanities

Secondary Modern Foreign Languages