Academic Year 2021/22

Academic Year 2021/22

National Tutoring Programme 2021/22

Building on the success of the National Tutoring Programme 2020/21, we have listened to feedback and further developed the breadth of the programme for 2021/22. We recognise that each school has pupils with varying needs so have developed a tutoring proposition that provides a high degree of flexibility and choice. We have developed options that make it easier for schools to access tutoring whilst ensuring that you can still exercise a high degree of discretion to support the pupils you believe are most in need. There are three options available that will help you as you start planning for the year ahead.

Tuition Partners
can be engaged by schools to provide targeted support for pupils in a specific subject area in 15 hour blocks (mostly in groups of three, although groups of two and 1:1 support is also available where required). 70% of the cost is subsidised by the government and schools can select from a range of organisations who deliver either face-to-face or online tuition in their area.

Academic Mentors
can be directly employed by schools to provide ongoing and flexible support to at least 70 pupils throughout the academic year. This support will primarily utilise tuition sessions in groups of three pupils, but targeted support (two pupils and 1:1) will also be encouraged for SEND and exceptional requirements. 95% of the cost of employing an approved Academic Mentor is subsidised by the government.

For further details about School-led tutoring please click here.

The programme formally launches in September 2021, but activities are already underway to enable schools and pupils to benefit the most from the programme.

If you are a school, then you can register an interest now in engaging both Tuition Partners and/​or an Academic Mentor.

If you are interested in applying as an Academic Mentor, then applications are now open and further details of how to apply and the eligibility criteria are available.

If you are interested in supplying as a Tuition Partner, then the Open Access scheme is now open. This is a fair and transparent application process and further details of how to apply and the eligibility criteria are available.