Tutoring 2021/22

Tutoring 2021/22

Tutoring options for Academic Year 2021/22

The Department for Education have provided the following information about Phase 2 of the NTP:

Huge expansion of tutoring for Autumn 2021/22 as part of the next step in the education recovery plan

What is the benefit of tutoring to students?

Tutoring is one of the most effective tools for supporting rapid pupil progress. Evidence suggests that pupils who receive a course of small group tutoring can make between three and five months additional progress.

Tutoring can be used as an additional tool to support students’ classroom learning and help to reinforce knowledge in specific subjects where they might need further assistance to fill learning gaps, catch up and meet their potential.

Tutoring is already supporting pupils across England with schools feeding back on the positive impact. Feedback about the National Tutoring Programme 2020/21 includes:

We understand the value of face-to-face, high-quality tutoring, so we thought it was important to take advantage of the NTP”

— Wood Green Academy, Wednesbury

The National Tutoring Programme with CoachBright has provided an exceptional service to the students of Bacon’s College”

— Bacon’s College, Southwark

Finding the Tuition Partners that best suited our vision was relatively straightforward once the list of potential providers had been sent out by NTP. We decided eventually on Tute, who we have been really impressed with so far”

— University Technical College Norfolk, Norwich

For the pupils working with our Academic Mentor, there has been tangible progress. They’re showing more mathematical and academic resilience. This is the best thing that could have happened.”

— St Giles Church of England Primary School, Walsall

I would highly recommend schools sign up to tutoring with the NTP. It is a brilliant way to offer an additional layer of support for your students who need it most”

— Rebecca Cracknell, tutor with NTP Tuition Partner Connex Education Partnership

What is the government vision for tutoring and how will it help those most disadvantaged

Previously, tutoring was seen as the enclave for the privileged few who can afford to pay for private tutoring. The government’s vision is that tutoring should be an opportunity available to all children in state-funded schools who need the support, regardless of background or financial situation. It can help ensure more disadvantaged pupils benefit from one-to-one and small group tutoring, which evidence demonstrates is one of the most effective ways to support pupil learning and accelerate progress.

In response to the unprecedented disruption to learning due to Covid-19, as part of Education Recovery programme, the government have invested a further £1bn to support up to 6 million, 15-hour tutoring packages to continue to deliver on the progress already made and to build on lessons learned to produce an even more comprehensive package of tutoring support and options. This support includes £222m to fund an extension to the 16 – 19 tutoring provision in addition to training and resources for the NELI programme.

What is the DfE offer?

Building on the success of the National Tutoring Programme 2020/21, we have listened to feedback and further developed the breadth of the programme for 2021/22. We recognise that each school has pupils with varying needs so have developed a tutoring proposition that provides a high degree of flexibility and choice. We have developed options that make it easier for schools to access tutoring whilst ensuring that you can still exercise a high degree of discretion to support the pupils you believe are most in need. Below is an overview of the options available that will help you as you start planning for the year ahead.

There are three subsidised tutoring options for AY 2021/22:

School-led Tutoring: Based on your feedback, we are introducing a grant payment to all schools, based on the number of pupil premium students. This payment is ring-fenced to fund tutoring provision that can be locally sourced by schools. This could include using your teaching assistants, existing teaching staff or even local tutoring resource that is familiar with your schools and pupil needs. You have complete flexibility to use this payment in the best way to suit your school tutoring needs. This funding is expected to cover around 75% of the costs of local tutoring provision in AY 2021/22 with the schools contributing the remaining costs.

Funding: AY2021/2275% of the expected cost subsidised, with first payment to schools expected during the Autumn term 2021.

To complement School-led Tutoring, we are continuing to offer Tuition Partners and Academic Mentors as part of the National Tutoring Programme to ensure schools can also access high-quality tutors.

Tuition Partners: State-funded schools are able to access subsidised, high-quality tuition from an approved list of Tuition Partners spanning a wide-range of topics. This option can take the pressure away from schools having to organise local resource as our network of highly skilled Tuition Partners have already passed a set of quality, safeguarding and evaluation standards. Some schools might not have subject specific teaching resource on site e.g. SEND, but with Tuition Partners, can still access quality teachers.

Funding: AY2021/2270% of the cost will subsidised, the remaining 30% to be funded through the Recovery Premium or Pupil Premium.

Academic Mentors: Some schools prefer to use tutors as an in class’ resource to work alongside the pupil’s teacher to address a range of interventions, focusing on 1 – 1 and small group sessions with pupils. In the areas that are most in need of support, you can employ trained graduates to provide intensive support. These Academic Mentors will provide support tailored to schools, including subject-specific work, revision lessons and additional support available outside the school setting.

Funding: AY 2021/2295% of the cost will be subsidised, the remaining 5% to be funded through Recovery Premium or Pupil Premium payments.

When will this be available and what are the next steps?

These tutoring options will be available from Autumn term 2021.

More detail will be shared in the coming weeks regarding next steps on engagement to help you source high quality tutoring resource.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, you can contact us here.