Happy Christmas from the National Tutoring Programme!

Happy Christmas from the National Tutoring Programme!

Happy Christmas from the National Tutoring Programme!

NTP secretariat director Robbie Coleman wraps up the year by sharing three statistics on pupils enrolled and tutors working on the programme.

Bright spots in 2020 have been few and far between, but it has been a privilege to be part of the team setting up the National Tutoring Programme.

At the end of an extremely challenging term, we wanted to share three statistics that have provided us with some festive cheer:

62,000 pupils have been enrolled to receive support from an approved NTP Tuition Partner in the six weeks since its launch, meeting the NTP’s Christmas target. It’s been fantastic to see schools from the North East to the South West signing up and to hear stories of the difference tutoring is starting to make. Read more school stories here.

10,000 tutors are now working as part of the NTP. Across the approved Tuition Partners, the NTP is mobilising trained teachers, including specialists able to support pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disability, professional tutors, university students and volunteers. Read the experiences of Mary Barnard, a volunteer working with Action Tutoring, here.

Over 500 new Academic Mentors will be joining schools in January. This will more than triple the number of schools in the highest need areas of England employing an Academic Mentor, a number which will increase again when a third wave of Academic Mentors are placed in February.

Our New Year’s Resolution is simple: to support as many disadvantaged pupils as possible. If your school would like to get involved in 2021, you can search for an approved Tuition Partner in your area here.

To everyone who has supported the National Tutoring Programme this year: thank you and Happy Christmas!

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