Making tutoring count: cost, quality and value for money

Making tutoring count: cost, quality and value for money

Making tutoring count: cost, quality and value for money

Robbie Coleman explains how quality and value for money are core to the NTP’s offer.

Schools and teachers are wrapping up from the first week back after half-term and making plans for reopening all schools on 8th March. Here at the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) we’re taking stock of our journey since launching in November. We’re pleased that 125,000 pupils have now enrolled on the programme across over 4,000 schools, with tutoring continuing remotely and in-person where possible throughout lockdown.

NTP tuition is subsidised by 75%, to try to make it as accessible as possible to schools. To ensure it is also high-quality, our approved Tuition Partners had to meet a stringent set of quality criteria, including providing training to tutors, demonstrating experience of working with schools and disadvantaged pupils, and having strong quality assurance processes.

The cost of tutoring through the NTP includes training and ongoing support provided to tutors, time spent for preparing sessions and school liaison.

We wanted to give schools flexibility with a range of providers to access tutoring with, from subject specialist tuition to SEND specific provision. Most providers also offer online and face-to-face tutoring for individual pupils and small groups. As such, prices between Tuition Partners vary to account for the difference in qualifications of tutors and their specific models. For example, one specialist provider offers 1:1 tuition for pupils with additional educational needs, including those with SEND and Social, Emotional and Mental Health Needs, and hires tutors with a minimum of three years of experience working with pupils with these needs.

To ensure tutoring is of the highest quality and makes the biggest possible difference to disadvantaged pupils, the cost of tutoring through the NTP also includes:

  • Training and ongoing support provided to tutors
  • Time spent for preparing sessions
  • The cost of hosting secure online tutoring on online platforms
  • School liaison
  • Administration and central quality assurance processes

These are all key components of ensuring tutoring is of the highest standard, as highlighted by the evidence behind tutoring.

Tutoring through NTP Tuition Partners represents value for money. The average total price of tutoring across all Tuition Partners is £19 per hour per pupil. Specialist provision for children with additional educational needs, including in Special Schools and Alternative Provision setting is typically more expensive, reflecting higher training and staff costs.

The NTP, Tuition Partners and schools all share the same goal: to ensure the most disadvantaged pupils are not left behind in any efforts at recovering learning loss. The NTP is only one part of a wider solution to mitigate the effects of the pandemic, but through evaluation, feedback and learning we can work to ensure that it has the best possible impact on those who need it the most.

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