National Tutoring Programme Tuition Partners reach 62,000 pupils in first term

National Tutoring Programme Tuition Partners reach 62,000 pupils in first term

National Tutoring Programme Tuition Partners reach 62,000 pupils in first term

New data shows 2,556 schools and almost 10,000 tutors have also onboarded on the programme, with schools commending the high-quality tuition on offer.

New data from the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) Tuition Partners has shown that almost 70,000 pupils during the autumn term have been enrolled, helping to improve access to high-quality tutoring and academic mentoring to disadvantaged pupils who have had their education impacted. Today’s figures – released at the end of the school term also revealed that the NTP has on-boarded 2,556 schools as well as 10,000 tutors.

High-quality tutoring of the kind offered by the programme has been proven to help young people catch up by as much as 3 – 5 months lost learning, from just one term’s worth of tutoring. The programme is expected to continue to ramp up over the spring term, reaching hundreds of thousands of pupils by the summer, ensuring those who have suffered the most from lost learning, including those in exam year groups have the greatest opportunity to catch up.

In addition, 188Academic Mentors, recruited and trained by Teach First, have also started in schools serving disadvantaged communities across the country. This has benefited an estimated 7,000 pupils to date and over 500 additional mentors are set to join schools in January, with a further cohort starting in February.

Sir Peter Lampl, founder and chairman of the Sutton Trust and chairman of the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF), said:

Our research has shown that high quality tutoring is a cost-effective way to accelerate pupils’ learning. While only part of the solution in addressing the impact of school closures, it’s clear that the NTP is able to make a real difference to pupils’ outcomes.

So it’s good to see the programme get-off to such a promising start, with over 60,000 pupils enrolled since its launch six weeks ago. Even more heartening has been the individual stories of the schools and pupils who have accessed the support.

By building on these strong foundations, the NTP will prove to be a powerful tool for tackling the attainment gap.

Schools across the country have spoken about how they’ve been using the support on offer through the NTP.

Kate Batorska, a headteacher at St Mary’s Church of England Primary School has accessed NTP tuition through approved Tuition Partner Targeted Provision, said:

The process has been very smooth for us – one of the tutors started within 2 weeks of half term and the children accessing this support are all really enjoying their sessions. In fact, one child commented that she was enjoying the activities so much she didn’t want to leave! Tutors have been organised and liaised very effectively with staff in a time efficient way – which our busy staff have appreciated.

Melody Berthoud, headteacher at South Norwood Primary in Croydon, explains how tutoring accessed through the NTP has helped her pupils, she commented:

I just thought the scheme was a no brainer, really, because it’s such good value for money and really targeted. They did a baseline, then the next week, it started. The tutor comes every week and uses our laptops and brings the headphones. There were a few hiccups on day one with IT. Otherwise, it’s been very smooth. Excellent in fact. My advice for anyone considering using the NTP? I would just say, definitely do it. It’s excellent value for money.

Sue Maguire, Headteacher, Hatch End High School who have an Academic Mentor said:

We’ve been absolutely thrilled with the invaluable support our Academic Mentor has provided to our pupils, teachers and whole school this term. A major reason why the programme has been so successful is the regular communication between the teacher and the mentor, resulting in high quality, intense and tailored tuition.

Helen Charnley, Assistant Headteacher at Saint Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School, Whiston, Liverpool who is working with northern charities the Tutor Trust added:

Working with The Tutor Trust has enabled us to transform our Year 11 Raising Attainment Strategy by providing focused academic support and guidance for identified cohorts of Year 11 pupils. The English and Maths tuition which our pupils have received has been of consistently high quality and has enabled our pupils to focus on specific gaps in learning in order to accelerate their progress.

Pupils speak very highly of their tutoring sessions, are eager to attend and feel they are well organised and focused on their gaps in learning. The tutors are professional, committed and have even offered additional virtual drop in sessions during our mock exam period in order to support our pupils further.

• The National Tutoring Programme (NTP) aims to support schools in providing a sustained response to the coronavirus pandemic and to provide a longer-term contribution to closing the attainment gap.

• More school stories are available to view here.

• The NTP has been designed and developed by a collaboration of five charities – the EEF, Sutton Trust, Impetus, Nesta and Teach First – working in partnership with the Department for Education.

• The programme for 5 – 16-year-olds has two parts: NTP Tuition Partners, which aims to give schools access to subsidised high-quality tuition from approved providers; and NTP Academic Mentors, which recruits graduates and qualified teachers to work full-time in schools in the most disadvantaged areas.

• The EEF will be leading the delivery of NTP Tuition Partners and has been provided with £76 million from the Department for Education to fund activity in 2020 – 2021.

• Teach First will support the recruitment, training and placement of Academic Mentors into schools serving disadvantaged communities and has been provided with £6.4 million to fund this work. The £19k salaries of Academic Mentors will be funded by the Government.

• Both pillars are funded as part of Government’s £350m allocation to tutoring, through the £1bn coronavirus catch up package.

• Separate tutoring initiatives are in place to support early years and post-16 education.

• Amounts of funding granted to approved Tuition Partners are being paid on completion of delivery milestones and are dependent on demand from schools.

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