NTP update on school contingency plans from January 2021

NTP update on school contingency plans from January 2021

NTP update on school contingency plans from January 2021

An update from the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) in light of the the return to remote schooling for some schools in January.

Following the return to remote schooling for some schools in January 2021, please find some additional detail on tuition provision through the NTP.

The NTP has previously published guidance on at-home online tutoring.

28 out of 33 NTP Tuition Partners are able to deliver tutoring online to pupils in schools and 29 NTP Tuition Partners are currently approved to deliver online tuition at-home in accepted cirumstances, including in cases of school closures.

Tuition Partners have undergone a rigorous process to ensure they are able to deliver tuition online to pupils in their homes safely. This includes confirmation of parental consent and clear communication with parents and schools about safeguarding processes. 

Before delivery begins, schools and tuition partners also need to confirm whether the pupil has access to suitable technology at home.

Tuition Partners approved to deliver online tuition at-home

  • 121 Mentors
  • Action Tutoring
  • Career Tree
  • CoachBright
  • Conexus Tuition
  • Connex Education Partnership
  • EM Tuition
  • Fleet Tutors
  • Fresh Start in Education
  • Lancashire County Council
  • Learning Academies
  • Manning’s Tutors
  • MyTutor
  • Pearson PLC
  • PET-Xi
  • Protocol Education
  • Randstad Education
  • Schools Partnership Tutors
  • TalentEd
  • Targeted Provision
  • Teaching Personnel
  • Tes Supply – Vision for Education, ABC Teachers & Smart
  • The Access Project
  • The Brilliant Club
  • Third Space Learning
  • Tute
  • Tutor Trust
  • White Rose Maths

Please continue to check the list above, as more Tuition Partners will be added shortly.

Where it is not possible for planned tuition to be delivered online to a pupil at home, schools should discuss with Tuition Partners the best way to rearrange sessions and continue delivery when pupils are back on school premises.


Can I still book tutoring?

Yes. Please use the search function to identify which partners are available in your area, and send an enquiry to providers of interest. 29 Tuition Partners are now able to provide online at-home tuition during this period of partial school closures and remote learning for many pupils. NTP at-home tuition is online only. Individual Tuition Partner’s profile pages will indicate whether they are available to provide tutoring online at home, as well as their capacity to partner with new schools.

Will the process be different for pupils receiving online tuition at home?

Tuition Partners can still provide 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3 tuition as planned. Before at-home delivery begins, Tuition Partners will share with schools their individual safeguarding policies, practical guidance including technological requirements and code of conduct, to share with pupils and families.

My school is closed, but I’ve paid for sessions. Will they all take place online and at home?

If you have arranged sessions that can no longer take place in school, please speak to your Tuition Partner as soon as possible to rearrange, or make alternative arrangements for delivery.

Currently, 29 Tuition Partners are approved to provide online tuition at home. Further Partners are working through the necessary processes and checks to allow them to deliver tuition online to pupils at home and we hope to announce those in due course.

For pupils still attending school in person– for example vulnerable children or the children of key workers – we would suggest that tutoring still takes place at school where safe to do so. This could be delivered online to a pupil on school premises, or face-to-face where the Tuition Partner, tutor and school are able to facilitate this safely.

Will sessions be postponed? 

Although we encourage schools to maintain sessions where possible, we understand that it may be best to postpone some sessions for example when it is difficult to facilitate online or face-to-face tuition at school or if a provider is not able to provide online at home tuition. Schools are encouraged to contact their chosen Tuition Partner as soon as possible to discuss what options are available to best meet the needs of the pupil during the current period of partial school closures.

What if my pupils don’t have access to devices for tuition at-home?

The Department for Education is providing technological support and devices to help children and families access remote education during coronavirus (COVID-19). Further information can be found here.

However, we know that some pupils may not have access to the resources they need for tuition to take place at home. In these circumstances, please speak to your Tuition Partner about postponing sessions until they can take place in person or online and at school.

Can I cancel sessions?

If your school is looking to cancel or postpone arranged tuition sessions, please contact your Tuition Partner as soon as possible. We would recommend rescheduling sessions rather than cancelling so that pupils can receive tutoring as soon as possible.

Can at-home sessions take place at the weekend or during school holidays?

We want to offer as much flexibility as possible for tuition arrangements during this period of partial school closures and remote learning. Online at-home sessions can take place at the weekend and during the February, Easter and May half-term breaks. This will depend on individual circumstances such as the preference of the family and availability of the tutor.

We are also happy for schools and Tuition Partners to plan for in-school delivery during the Easter holidays and May half-term if this is agreed by all.

We expect schools, tuition providers and families to work together to arrange tutoring at an appropriate time for pupils: for example, immediately after the school day, or if tutoring is taking place at a weekend, broadly in line with school hours, rather than at late hours or irregular times.

We encourage conversations between families, schools, and Tuition Partners to explore the options available and find an arrangement which best meets the needs of the pupil. For all arrangements we ask both Tuition Partners and schools to give careful consideration to attendance and safeguarding processes.

With some exams now cancelled can different pupils be selected for tuition?

Despite the cancellation of some exams, we suggest that schools continue to access tuition for those initially selected pupils, as they were identified as being most likely to benefit from this additional support. Schools are particularly encouraged to continue with tuition for selected pupils in key transition year groups such as Year 6 and Year 11 to help prepare them for successful transitions. Supporting disadvantaged pupils, including those eligible for Pupil Premium funding remains the focus of the NTP and we encourage schools to select the pupils who are most in need of this additional support.

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