How we’ll assess the impact of NTP Tuition Partners.

The Education Endowment Foundation will commission several evaluations of NTP Tuition Partners to learn about the impact of the programme on pupil attainment, as well as the key drivers and obstacles to its implementation.

We anticipate that the evaluation will have at least two components. 

Overarching evaluation of NTP Tuition Partners 

The evaluation will aim to quantify the overall impact of the programme on pupil attainment and how this varies by different tutoring models, pupil- and school characteristics. The evaluation will also look into the experiences of schools, tutors and pupils with a view to improve the delivery of similar programmes in the future.

More detail on the evaluation approach will be published shortly including a privacy notice describing how pupil and tutor data will be safely processed.

Tuition Partners will be asked to provide information on aspects of their delivery, including the number of sessions delivered and attendance, as well as information on the tutors, schools and pupils they are working with, using standard templates.

Schools will be asked to provide details of their pupils receiving tutoring so the impact of the programme can be analysed using the National Pupil Database. The intention is that this will be a streamlined process that places minimal burden on schools.

Evaluation of local initiatives aiming to boost pupils’ engagement

Unfortunately, some groups of pupils are particularly hard to reach. The aim of TP is to ensure that no one is left behind. This strand of the evaluation will aim to generate evidence on the most effective strategies for boosting pupils’ understanding of the benefits of tutoring, as well as their attendance at sessions.

In early October, tutoring organisations will be invited to volunteer for a series of small-scale, nimble experiments aiming to find out what works to boost reach and engagement. The EEF will commission an independent evaluator to collect data and provide useful and rapid feedback to participating organisations.