School-Led Tutoring training course

Find out about the training course offered to all school staff who are nominated as tutors

What training is provided for School-Led tutoring?

As part of the School-Led tutoring route, the Education Development Trust is delivering training for existing school staff who wish to become tutors. This is an evidence-based, online course focusing on best practice tutoring and is being offered to all school staff who are nominated as tutors by their school leaders.

Tutors will receive recognition by the Chartered College of Teaching and gain access to further resources as they continue to navigate the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on their pupils’ outcomes.

Training Routes

There are three training routes available to those participating in School-Led tutoring.

Qualified Teacher (QTS) route

Teachers with QTS are encouraged to undertake an optional training course that will take roughly 2 hours to complete, that will help them plan for and deliver effective tutoring.

Non-Qualified Teacher (QTS) Primary route with experience

Teachers without QTS, but who have at least two years of experience teaching the subject and phase they wish to tutor in, are encouraged to undertake an optional training course.

Non-Qualified Teacher (QTS) Primary route without experience.

Nominated staff without QTS and with less than two years’ experience in the relevant subject and phase, are required to access the mandatory School-Led Tutor Training Course.

What the training involves

Participants will have four weeks in total to complete the virtual training and assessment regardless of which route they are enrolled on.

The School-Led Tutor Training Course is designed to help schools and tutors plan for and deliver effective small group and 1:1 tuition in the school setting. The training content brings together a vast array of research on small group tutoring and useful resources for various subjects and phases.

It can be accessed remotely and is an evidence-based, training programme with prospective School-Led Tutors and their pupils at its heart.

The curriculum will cover core topics: 

  • how children learn
  • how to plan tutoring sessions
  • how to work effectively with class teachers
  • child safeguarding and protection
  • adapting learning experiences for SEND pupils
  • providing support in alternative provision settings
  • speech and language therapy
  • behaviour
  • motivation
  • literacy
  • mastery learning
  • delivering tutoring online

At the end of each of the three routes there will be an online assessment.

Upon successful completion of the online course, tutors will receive certification which will be recognised by the Chartered College of Teaching to certify individuals as a School-Led Tutor, and partial credits given towards Chartered Teacher Status.


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Access the training

Nominated tutors can access training at Register your school and nominate your staff to ensure they can access the training today.

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