Register your School

The NTP is now open to register your school to participate, with tutoring sessions commencing in September 2021.

By registering your school, you will be granted access to the Tuition Hub. You will be able to create a unique profile where you can easily navigate through the most appropriate tuition options to suit your school.

Once your profile is set up on the Tuition Hub, you will have the ability to choose between the following tuition options:

  • Tuition support option 1: Tuition Partner support – engage with accredited Tuition Partners to provide 15 hour blocks of targeted support
  • Tuition support option 2: Academic Mentor support – raise a request for an Academic Mentor to join your school. The Academic Mentor(s) will be employed directly by your school to provide support on a targeted basis to pupils
  • Tuition support option 3: School-Led tutoring – register your school to participate in the School Led tutoring training course

Here’s a summary of the three routes available:

Tuition Partners: designed to enable state-funded schools to access subsidised, high-quality tuition from an approved list of NTP approved Tuition Partners, spanning a wide-range of subjects. This option can take the pressure away from your school having to source and organise local resources, as our network of highly skilled Tuition Partners have already passed a set of quality, safeguarding and evaluation standards. Some schools who might not have subject specific teaching resources on site e.g. SEND, can access this type of quality support with Tuition Partners.

Academic Mentors: enabling schools in certain areas to use mentors as an ​‘in class’ resource to work alongside the pupil’s teacher to address a range of interventions, again typically in 15 hour blocks of support. This option will therefore enable you to employ trained graduates to provide intensive support that is explicitly targeted to your own setting. The advantage of this support option is that your Academic Mentor will be employed by you ( with their salary subsidised by 95% by the DfE) full time throughout the academic year, to work exclusively with your own school.

School-led Tutoring: based on your feedback, a grant payment is available to schools to fund self-sourced tuition, based on their number of pupil premium students. This payment is ring-fenced to fund tutoring provision that can be locally sourced by schools. This could include using your teaching assistants, existing teaching staff or even a local tutoring resource that is familiar with your school and already understands your pupils’ needs. You have complete flexibility to use this payment in the best way to suit your school tutoring needs. This funding covers 75% of the costs of local tutoring provision in AY 2021/22 with the schools contributing the remaining costs via other budgets, for example Recovery Premium or Pupil Premium.

Funding available

Tuition Partners and Academic Mentors are subsidised by the Department for Education, to support your pupils. In Academic Year (AY) 2021/22, should you choose to use support via Tuition Partners, 70% of the cost will be subsidised by the government. Alternatively, if you choose to employ an Academic Mentor, 95% of the salary will be subsidised. The remaining 30% of the cost for Tuition Partners and remaining 5% for Academic Mentors, are to be met by your school and funded through Recovery Premium or Pupil Premium.

For the academic year 2021/22 , the Department for Education will provide ring-fenced grant funding directly to schools to support provision of School-Led tutoring. The grant will cover 75% of the cost of locally-sourced tuition (based on average costs of tutoring) with schools contributing the remaining costs.

We anticipate that the remaining costs can be typically funded through the Recovery Premium or Pupil Premium.

The process and our support team

The NTP team is ready to support you through the implementation of whichever route you choose to engage with, and now is a great time to start your registration and expression of interest. The system is designed to be easy to use and signing up for either a Tuition Partner or Academic Mentor support now takes less than five minutes.

Furthermore, once registered it is easy to make amendments to your account to add extra hours of tuition for your pupils if applicable. A handbook is available once you have created your initial profile to support you throughout the process. If you have any questions at any stage then please do not hesitate to reach out to our Engagement team via our contact form.

Building on the first year of the programme, we have enabled schools to select from three different options to ensure the most appropriate way to receive tutoring/AMs is selected.

Find out more in the FAQs for schools.