School-Led Tutoring

Information on grant funding directly to schools to support provision of School-Led tutoring.

School-Led Tutoring is one of the three NTP tuition routes for 2021/22. Under this route, all eligible state-funded primary, middle and secondary schools and academy trusts in England will receive a direct, ring-fenced grant from the Department for Education to spend on local tutoring provision.

As part of the NTP, School-Led Tutoring is designed to help close the education gap between pupils and their peers. We know that these pupils were disproportionately affected during school disruptions as a result of COVID-19. The grant should therefore focus on providing support to these pupils, although schools can use their discretion to extend it to other pupils in need of catch-up support.

Local Authorities (LAs) have been allocated School-Led Tutoring (SLT) funding for their Looked After Children (LAC). Read more about the allocations for School-Led Tutoring.

We expect LAs to pass the SLT funding for their LAC pupils to Virtual School Heads (VSH). The VSH should decide, in line with SLT guidance, how best to use the funding to provide tuition support for the pupils they are responsible for, working with relevant schools, as necessary. More detail on how to manage the LAC element of the SLT grant is set out in the supplementary guidance for LAs and VSHS published on the 1st of March 2022.

School-Led Tutoring is designed to give schools more flexibility to use resources in the way which they determine will best meet the needs of their pupils. This is achieved using:

  • internal staff such as teachers, teaching assistants or Initial Teacher Trainees
  • external staff such as supply, retired or returning teachers
  • private tutors such as individual tutors or tutoring organisations

Some internal staff will be required to successfully complete a free, online tutoring training course developed and delivered by Education Development Trust before they can begin delivering sessions. This applies to staff without QTS, with the exception of non-QTS teachers who have at least two years’ experience in the subject and phase in which they wish to tutor in. All Teaching Assistants must complete the 11-hour online training course.

Internal staff with QTS can begin tutoring from September, along with external tutors. A shorter course in best tutoring practice will be available for internal staff with QTS and we strongly recommend teachers complete this once the training becomes available. The training will be available from November 8th and more details will be issued in due course.

Training must be completed within 4-weeks.

The Department for Education has published two documents on School-Led Tutoring which provide comprehensive details on how to plan, access and deliver this tuition route. These should be read together:

School-Led Tutoring guidance
School-Led Tutoring conditions of grant

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To help schools keep track of the data needed throughout the academic year, a tracker and calculator tool has been produced that will ensure schools have the information to hand to complete the School-Led Tutoring: Year End Statement

Whilst usage of this tool is not obligatory, we hope schools find it useful to help administer the grant fund payment.

View the tracker and calculator tool.