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NTP Tuition Partners

Subsidised high-quality tutoring for schools from an approved list of Tuition Partners.

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How it works

Through the National Tutoring Programme (NTP) Tuition Partners pillar, participating schools will be able to access high-quality tutoring from an approved list of tutoring providers, who have passed a set of quality, safeguarding and evaluation standards.

Tuition Partners might be existing tutoring providers that have experience of working with schools or other organisations, such as charities, local authorities or universities who are able to design a new programme to meet the NTP standards.

Tuition Partners will be selected through an open funding call, based on the quality of their model, evidence, and potential to scale to support large numbers of schools.

The focus of the NTP is on supporting disadvantaged pupils, including those eligible for Pupil Premium funding. A range of tutoring models will be funded, including those that are suitable for pupils with SEND and in Alternative Provision.

Tuition Partners will offer a range of approaches, including online, face-to-face and hybrid models and small-group and one-to-one tuition. Participating schools will be able to decide which Tuition Partner in their area to work with and which of their pupils will benefit the most from additional support.

A list of approved Tuition Partners, organised by region, will be available on the NTP website from Monday 2 November. Schools will then be able to access subsidised, high-quality tuition from these Tuition Partners for the rest of the academic year.

We previously planned to publish the list of providers on the 31 October before the website pages for each Tuition Partner launched with more details on Monday 2 November. Following feedback from schools, we will now publish all the information at the same time on Monday 2 November.

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) will be leading the delivery of this part of the programme in the academic year 2020 – 2021.