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Employ a Tuition Partner to help support your pupils


Tutors work with small groups of pupils to help them reach their full potential, develop their skills and build their conference.

DfE approved

Our network of Tuition Partners have already passed a set of high quality, safeguarding and evaluation standards, ensuring quality tuition.

Subsidised funding

70% of the cost to schools is covered by the DfE. The funding is paid directly to the Tuition Partner on your behalf.


With 56 Tuition Partners and a variety of specialisms, there really is a Tuition Partner for every school.

How does the Tuition Partner route work?

Discover the full list of Tuition Partners available in your region

Find an approved Tuition Partner (or a number of Tuition Partners) that you feel are a good fit for your school and pupils. You are able to see the ratios, subjects, level and pricing they offer, to compare the Tuition Partners available and ensure you get the best fit for your school.

Register your school to access the Tuition Hub

You are then able to select the Tuition Partner(/s) that you are interested in. This will allow you to contact them to inform them of the subjects, year group, ratio, delivery and timescales you are working towards. The Tuition Partners will then contact you about their offer which allows you to place an order.

Tutoring is purchased in 15 hour blocks

We recommend this is delivered in a 1:3 ratio for the greatest impact, but is available 1:1-1:6. A 15 hour block of 1:3 tuition can accelerate a child’s learning by 3-6 months. Tuition Partners and schools will work together to ensure the delivery of high quality tuition and to maintain high pupil attendance.

Subjects available

Tutoring is available for pupils aged between 5-16, in the following subjects:

Primary – Numeracy, Literacy, Science.

Secondary – Maths, English, Science, Humanities and Modern Foreign Languages.

Approved Tuition Partners

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