FFT’s Tutoring with the Lightning Squad is a reading tutoring programme where pupils work with a tutor in two pairs, taking turns as Reader’ and Coach’.

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FFT (a non-profit organisation) has been working with schools to improve pupils’ education outcomes for 20 years. 

12,500 schools use FFT’s systems to analyse assessment data and our literacy programmes are used widely by primary schools. Tutoring with the Lightning Squad is a tutoring programme which improves reading skills for pupils in Years 1 to 4. Pupils work with a tutor in cooperative pairs supported by an online tutoring platform to improve reading skills, fluency, comprehension, spelling and phonics. Research has demonstrated that pupils make learning gains of between 3 and 5 months in reading attainment with our tutoring programme.

How many pupils and schools can we work with?

15,440 pupils in 361 schools.

Who are our tutors?

FFT’s tutors will be Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs) or Qualified Teachers with experience of working with primary school pupils.

How do we recruit our tutors?

FFT and our specialist recruitment partner (Operam Education) will recruit a local tutor to work in your school for the tutoring programme. FFT’s tutors will be HLTAs or qualified teachers with experience of working in primary schools. Our rigorous recruitment process includes background/​employment checks, interviews, references and DBS clearance.

How do we train our tutors?

FFT’s tutors (HLTAs or qualified teachers) complete a tutoring training programme before they start tutoring in your school. Our in-person reading tutoring programme is supported by an online tutoring platform with activities to improve pupils’ reading skills, fluency, comprehension, spelling and phonics. All tutors receive ongoing training and support from FFT.

How will we communicate with you?

The FFT tutor will provide daily updates to your tutoring coordinator and class teachers. FFT’s Tutoring Support Team will be available for schools to contact at any time by telephone or email, and will keep in regular contact with you.

How will we keep track of pupil progress?

FFT tutoring begins with a reading assessment to determine the starting point for pupils and pair pupils together for the tutoring. Pupil progress is then monitored by tutors (regular Tutor Checks) and through feedback from the online platform. Reports for teachers and parents show the improvement in pupils’ reading attainment.

More information about FFT can be found at: https://fft.org.uk/fft-tutoring-with-lightning-squad/

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1-4 in person
Cost to school of 15-hour block with subsidy applied: £220.00 
Cost to school per pupil for 15-hour block with subsidy applied: £55.00 

All prices are shown excluding VAT

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