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The Brilliant Club

The Brilliant Tutoring Programme will support pupils to catch up, re-engage and rebuild their confidence in core subjects with our PhD tutors.

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The Brilliant Club is an award-winning university access charity working in collaboration with schools and universities across the UK. The charity exists to increase the number of pupils from underrepresented backgrounds progressing to highly-selective universities. We do this by mobilising the PhD community to share its expertise in state schools. The charity was established in 2011, we have grown to partner with over 800 schools, supporting over 15,000 pupils in 2019 – 20 through our existing programmes.

How many pupils and schools can we work with?

We can work with 9,002 pupils in approximately 465 schools.

NOTE: This provider offers tutoring online and in-person in certain areas. Enquire below to find out whether in-person tuition is available in your area.

Who are our tutors?

Our tutors are current researchers who have achieved or are working towards a PhD in a core subject area.

How do we recruit our tutors?

All tutors at The Brilliant Club have undergone a competitive assessment centre which includes a competency-based interview and a mini-tutorial. As well as passion and expertise in their research area, we look for candidates who demonstrate excellent communication and engagement skills, professionalism, and reflectiveness.

How do we train our tutors?

All Brilliant Club tutors are enrolled on our Researcher Development Programme. Designed and delivered by teachers, it covers core pedagogy for tutorial teaching, safeguarding and professionalism. Additionally, tutors will be prepared to deliver specific catch up courses. All tutors have ongoing support from our team of Programme Officers.

How will we communicate with you?

Once registered, you will have a dedicated Programme Officer from the Brilliant Tutoring team to arrange logistics, planning and provide ongoing support. This will take place via email and over the phone at the Lead Teachers’ convenience. Teachers will have access to Scholars HQ to register pupils and monitor tasks.

How will we keep track of pupil progress?

Teachers will be kept up to date by tutors throughout the programme. A tutor-teacher meeting will be set up before the programme starts, and tutors will provide updates following tutorials. Programme Officers will update teachers regularly with attendance and pupil progress updates.

More information about The Brilliant Club can be found at:

The Brilliant Club Summary
Online tuition:
At Home1-3
In person tuition:

Types of school:


Subjects covered:



1-3 in person
Cost to school of 15-hour block with subsidy applied: £195.00 
Cost to school per pupil for 15-hour block with subsidy applied: £65.00 
1-3 online
Cost to school of 15-hour block with subsidy applied: £195.00 
Cost to school per pupil for 15-hour block with subsidy applied: £65.00 

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